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Attics are the #1 energy savings opportunity in most homes. Our efficient attic products work together to improve the comfort, health, and savings throughout the entire home. Experience the difference.

Attic Insulation



  the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Total Balanced Home.

At Synergy Home, comfort, health, and savings is our passion.
A balanced home means a more comfortable, healthy, and efficient indoor environment. We help homeowners create that experience and live it every day.


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Experience the difference synergy makes. With Synergy Home, you can help create a more controlled and comfortable environment in your home.

A Balanced Home, A Better Life

We provide the products and processes to help create a more comfortable, healthy, and efficient living environment. Contact us today so we can help create a better version of your home.

Our Satisfied Customers

See what our satisfied customer base has to say about the impact our products have made on their home. Real stories, real impacts. Join them today!

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Happier, more comfortable homeowners

Synergy Home Was Great!

The very next day after I bought the solar fan it was installed on the roof. The difference in my electric bill is noticeable, especially with the heat waves we’ve had. I recommend them to the fullest.


Karen T. – Lewisville, TX.


The Right Solution

When the Synergy Consultants came over, we liked the way they showed us the problem and then gave us the solution. We had the job completed right away and we love it. We are saving on our electric bill between $120-$175 each month and our home is much more comfortable. We hardly use our heater or fireplace in the winter. They are legit.


San Juana M. – Forney, TX.


Immediate Results

We purchased a multi-layer reflective insulation 2 ½ years ago. After it was installed, we could immediately tell that it worked great. A few months ago, we had some work done in the attic. The workers moved around the insulation and didn’t put it back down where it was supposed to go. I called Synergy home and told them what had happened. They immediately sent someone out to fix the blanket. I am so happy because even though it wasn’t their fault, they fixed it and didn’t charge me.

Arthur L. – Watauga, TX.


Great Install Crew

Synergy Home has a good product and they knew how to present its benefits. That made the whole experience very pleasant. I really enjoyed the install crew; they were prompt, neat and knew exactly what they were doing. Now I’m enjoying the benefits of a cooler home!

Oma R. – Lewisville, TX


Quick & Professional

We had Reflective Insulation installed the day after we saw the presentation. Before our energy bill was $350 or more a month. After having the MLI and Solar Fan installed, our bill dropped to $175. Our home is also more comfortable and less dusty. The install was quick and professional. Thank you!

Beverly B. – Dallas, TX


My Bill Has Gone Down

I had the Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation installed in July and my electric bill has gone down. My grandson went into my attic in October and made a hole in the ceiling. After I had the hole fixed, the company came back and repaired the insulation for free. Thank you so much for your service.

Patricia S. – Garland, Texas


Noticeably Cooler

My wife and I attended a Synergy Home presentation and set up an appointment for that afternoon. Our house is a 40-year-old two-story structure and the existing insulation had deteriorated to less than 2 inches thick. The attic had a complicated layout and I was concerned about the ability to successfully install the MLI. I was assured that they could handle the project. The team completed the job a little after Noon and I checked the two bedrooms on the second floor that had always been the hottest in the house and they were noticeably cooler.

Michael & Gayle D. – Dallas, TX


“Our energy bill has dropped and the dust in our home has been eliminated. We are so happy with the installation of your products in our home.”

-Chuck & Deborah Urano

A Healthier Home.

We don’t just reduce your energy bills. We help ensure your whole home is more healthy as a result of our products and processes. Contact us today and see how we can help create a more healthy home for you and your family.

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Better Performance

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Make the changes that will make the biggest difference in your home’s balance, comfort, health, and savings. Contact us today to see how our healthy home experts can help you create the best home for you and your family.