Attic Gator

What Is The Attic Gator?

Attic Gator is an attic access cover. It’s the two-in-one solution that gives you both insulation and air sealing for your attic.
Energy professionals, insulation technicians, and even the federal government agree that air leakage from the attic can be one of the biggest wastes of energy in the entire house.
The Attic Gator’s simple installation, durability, and effect on your home’s comfort makes improving your home’s energy efficiency easy! Better comfort and energy savings are just a matter of knowing the right size for your attic access.

Attic Access Covers Keep Attics Air Sealed and Insulated

The Attic Gator Attic Access Cover helps stop one of the biggest energy leaks in the entire house and can help save you from needless energy loss every single month.


Attic Access Cover Sizes

The attic access covers provided by Synergy Home come in three distinct sizes.

Contact us today to inquire about the attic access cover which will fit your home’s specific needs. We will make sure you have all the information and tools you need to fully synergize your home’s indoor environment.

Features & Benefits

Built To Last

Attic Gators are made of durable material that is designed to withstand contact with attic stairs and ladders.

Helps Stop Drafts

Attic Gators help keep air in the attic separate from the air in your living areas. This helps eliminate unwanted drafts that come from the attic.

Easy Installation

Attic access covers can easily be installed and comes in different sizes to fit attic hatches as well as scuttle holes.

Our Satisfied Customers

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Real energy bills lowered


Long-term value created


Happier, more comfortable homeowners


Our energy bill has dropped and the dust in our home has been eliminated. We are so happy with the installation of your products in our home.


Chuck & Deborah Urano


By having the energy efficient attic insulation installed in our home, we’re very satisfied with the savings we have seen on our electric bills. Our home is very comfortable with even heat and cool air.


Harrison & Betty Plumber