Solar Powered Attic Fans

Synergize With Solar Ventilation

Synergy’s full line of Yellowblue solar fans are the most advanced, highest performing solar fans in the world.  Entirely made from aluminum, our solar attic fans are of the highest quality and pull more CFMs than any other solar fan.

Our solar fans guarantee better air performance because of the Maximum Power Point Technology Feature. This helps maintain the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions by utilizing all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed. Our solar fans also qualify for a tax credit.

Features & Benefits

Constant Airflow

A solar-powered attic fan provides constant steady airflow throughout your attic. As a result, stale warm air is vented out giving more room for fresh cool air, also known as “air exchange.”

More Comfortable
Home Environment

When your attic is ventilated correctly, your whole home benefits. Create a more consistent, controlled, and comfortable indoor environment with synergized attic ventilation.

Models For Any Home

We provide a variety of attic fan models to fit the needs of any home or space on your property. Don’t settle for single-model dealers — synergize how you need to.


Quality equals durability. Our American-made products have a long lifespan and will serve your home for years to come.



Our Satisfied Customers

See what our satisfied customer base has to say about the impact our products have made on their home. Real stories, real impacts. Join them today!

Real energy bills lowered


Long-term value created


Happier, more comfortable homeowners


My husband and I purchased the solar fan for our home. We are both very pleased with the product and even more pleased with the workers. They did a quality install promptly, courteously, and with attention to detail.


Susan Rains


Our energy bill has dropped and the dust in our home has been eliminated. We are so happy with the installation of your products in our home.


Chuck & Deborah Urano