Free-Standing Purifiers



Biodify is our free-standing (no installation) ReNUbiotics delivery device for smaller areas (up to 800 Sq.ft.) such as bedrooms, offices, kitchens, apartments and an alternative to spaces without HVAC systems.


Free-Standing Purifier Benefits

  • Enviro-Biotics create a safer, healthier indoor environment by consuming the food resources available to mold spores, pathogens and allergens (dust mites, pet dander, pollen, etc.)
  • Plug & play portability
    Improves both air quality and surface contaminations.
  • Reduces and controls odors, including pet odors.
  • Three mode function (low, medium, high)
  • 10-fr pause feature
  • No-spill easy to replace enviro-biotics cartridge
  • Simply replace the Enviro-Biotics cartridge every 3 months or as needed.